City Redevelopment Projects
Bay Signs has worked on many redevelopment projects with the following cities:

  • City of San Leandro
  • City of Oakland
  • Alameda County Redevelopment Agency

Sign Permits
It can be quite overwhelming going through the process of obtaining a permit that is required for a sign and of course successfully getting an inspection performed for a sign final.  We are well known with the cities and are more than happy to take that weight off your shoulders!  The following describes the steps that are taken in attaining a sign permit:

  • Obtaining a copy of "sign guidelines" from the city in which the business is located in (we are strongly familiar and knowledgeable in most cities  guidelines and codes and keep updated with new rules and restrictions that may arise)
  • Presenting 3 copies of a professional and detailed sign drawing to city officials for approval.  Our drawings are created by design professionals that show the signs in both day and night affect view, installation details, location of sign on the building etc. giving our clients an instant and realistic idea of what their sign will look like.
  • Once the drawing is approved and the permit is in our hands, our production team begins fabricating the signs. Once the sign is produced and installation is completed, we will make an appointment for a sign final inspection.